Definition and Reasons for Business Valuation

Business Model Canvas

What is the definition of valuation? The process of calculating the present value is known as valuation. Net Present (NPV) is a term used for (NPV) The Worth of all future cash flows (positively and negatively) throughout the whole life of an asset discounted to the present is known as Present Net Value (NPV). Of […]

When Ownership Disputes Leads To Business Valuations

When two or more parties own a business, and there is no clear written agreement assigning ownership of the assets and profits, disputes may arise about how it should value business and who gets what. The absence of an unambiguous legal framework governing such relationships can result in years-long court battles with uncertain outcomes. To […]

10 Things To Do Before You Sell Your Business!

To prepare yourself and your business to sell. It’s critical to make sure you don’t overlook any small tasks that can hurt your company’s valuation later on down the line. Whether you’re planning to sell soon or in a few years, here are ten things to do before selling your business. Get Your Financial House […]

How to Value A Company: An In-Depth Guide To The Business Valuation Process

How to Value A Company: An In-Depth Guide To The Business Valuation Process How does one value a company? In this article, we will discuss the business valuation process, the different methods used to value a startup and why it is important to have qualified experts when evaluating a company. Business valuation is the process […]

Business Valuation

Business valuation Business valuation is essentially the process of determining the “economic Worth” of a business. This is primarily based on some financial assumptions and various constraints pertaining to the information available on the valuation date, for the purpose of making an assessment of the business’s worth. The valuation of the business may take place […]

Business Valuation Services – The Importance of Well negotiated deal with Venture Capital Firms

Business Valuation Services is usually carried out by a Registered Values in India , in line with Income Tax Act, 1961 and Company Act 2013 . For companies which are resident in India, the valuation of securities have to comply with the rule of arm’s length in the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) and as […]

Business Model Design

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How to design a Business Model for Sustainable Growth – Business Model Canvas Being a startup Business Model Design is the first step to prepare your company to get a business valuation and to be part of the billion dollar unicorn club The strategy and competitive implementation is a flexible structure for a sustainable business […]

How to Register & Start E-Commerce Business in India?

Start E-Commerce Business

E Commerce Registration India – Virtual Auditor How to Start E-commerce Business? What are the procedures? Which structure should I Choose? What is the definition of E-Commerce? These are the primary questions on an entrepreneur’s mind that comes when Business is planned let’s get the answer to these questions. India E-Commerce business is expected to […]

Registered Valuer for Valuation of Shares

Registered Valuer for Valuation of Shares Are you a start-up looking to get your valuation done or is your company issuing shares under private placement? Your startup/ Business need to get the valuation done by a Registered Valuer for Valuation of Shares how to hold a valid certificate of practice with IBBI under securities and […]

GST Registration in Mumbai

GST Registration in Mumbai You have decided to start a business in Mumbai what are tax requirement that you need to do in Bangalore first thing that you need to get is GST Registration in Mumbai GST Registration is the process of getting you organization enrolled with the Goods and Services Tax Department in order […]