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Experience Professional, Affordable, and Reliable Online CA Services in India

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FAQ on Business Tax Filing and OnLINE CA SERVICES

FAQ to Help You Solve your Questions on Tax Filings and CA Services

  1. What are Online CA Services? Online CA services refer to a range of services provided by Certified Accountants through digital platforms. They include tax filing, auditing, business valuation, financial planning, and much more.

  2. How do Online CA Services work? Clients provide necessary business details through an online form. Then, a team of expert CAs review the information, reach out for any additional requirements, handle the tax and GST filings, and provide confirmations upon successful submission.

  3. What is Business Tax Filing? Business Tax Filing is the process by which a business submits its financial information to the tax authorities. It includes the calculation and payment of taxes based on the income and expenses of the business.

  4. Why should I use Online CA Services for Business Tax Filing? Online CA services provide professional, affordable, and reliable solutions for your tax filing needs. They ensure accuracy and compliance, thereby mitigating the risk of errors and penalties.

  5. Are Online CA Services secure? Yes, Online CA services prioritize the security and confidentiality of your business information. They employ encryption and secure servers to protect your data.

  6. What are the benefits of using Online CA Services for Business Tax Filing? Online CA Services save time, reduce errors, and provide professional expertise. They also offer convenience as they can be accessed from anywhere.

  7. What locations do you serve for Online CA Services? Our Online CA services are accessible across India, including major cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and beyond.

  8. How long does the Business Tax Filing process take with Online CA Services? The duration depends on the complexity of the business’s financial situation. However, Online CA services strive to provide the most efficient turnaround times.

  9. What if I have a problem or question during the tax filing process? Our expert team is available to assist you with any queries or issues you may encounter during the tax filing process. You can reach out to us via call or email.

  10. What other services do you provide apart from Business Tax Filing? Apart from business tax filing, we offer a wide range of CA services such as auditing, financial planning, business valuation, GST compliance, and more.

  11. What is ITR Filing? Income Tax Return (ITR) filing is the process of submitting your income details to the Income Tax Department of India. It includes information about your income, deductions, and tax payable for a particular fiscal year.

  12. Is ITR filing mandatory for salaried individuals? Yes, if your income exceeds the basic exemption limit set by the government, you are required to file an ITR, irrespective of whether you are a salaried individual, a business, or self-employed.

  13. What is the process of ITR filing for a proprietorship? Proprietorship firms need to file ITR using form ITR-3 or ITR-4 Sugam, depending on the nature of their income. The proprietor needs to report their business income along with their personal income.

  14. How does ITR filing work for businesses? Businesses need to file their ITR using different forms based on their structure (partnership, LLP, company etc.). The form requires details about the company’s profits, losses, deductions, and taxes paid.

  15. How can self-employed individuals file their ITR? Self-employed individuals can file their ITR using form ITR-3 or ITR-4 Sugam, depending on their income type. They need to provide information about their business income, expenses, and any deductions they are eligible for.

  16. What are the benefits of filing an ITR? Filing an ITR helps maintain a record of your income, facilitates loan or credit card application processes, allows you to claim tax refunds, and is a mandatory obligation if your income crosses a certain threshold.

  17. What is the deadline for ITR filing in India? The due date for filing ITR varies each year but is typically July 31 for individuals who are not subject to tax audit and September 30 for businesses which are subject to tax audits.

  18. Can I file ITR online? Yes, the Income Tax Department of India facilitates the electronic filing (e-filing) of Income Tax Returns. You can file your ITR online through the official portal.

  19. What if I make a mistake while filing my ITR? If you make a mistake while filing your ITR, you can file a revised return to correct the errors. The facility is available for certain ITR forms and within a specified time frame.

  20. What happens if I don’t file my ITR? If you don’t file your ITR, you may have to pay a penalty, face prosecution, or you may not be able to carry forward your losses to set off against future years’ income. You also lose the chance to claim any tax refunds.

  21. What is ITR filing for F&O and Capital Gains in India? ITR filing for F&O (Futures and Options) and Capital Gains in India refers to the process of declaring the income or loss from trading or investing in financial instruments, such as stocks, bonds, and derivatives, in your annual income tax return.

  22. Which ITR form should I use for F&O and Capital Gains filing in India? For F&O trading, individuals should use ITR-3, as it is considered a business income. For capital gains, individuals can use ITR-2 to report the gains made from the sale of investments.

  23. How are F&O and Capital Gains taxed in India? F&O transactions are taxed as business income, and the tax rates depend on your total income and applicable tax slab. Capital Gains are taxed separately – short-term capital gains are taxed at 15%, while long-term capital gains are taxed at 10% on gains exceeding ₹1 lakh.

  24. What documents do I need to file ITR for F&O and Capital Gains? You will need your trading account statements, contract notes, and bank statements to calculate your total income, expenses, and turnover. Additionally, you will need your PAN, Aadhaar, and other relevant documents for personal information.

  25. Can I set off losses from F&O trading against capital gains? Yes, you can set off non-speculative business losses, such as losses from F&O trading, against short-term and long-term capital gains. However, you cannot set off speculative business losses against capital gains.

  26. How do I calculate turnover for F&O transactions? For F&O transactions, the turnover is calculated as the absolute sum of profit and loss from all the transactions, without considering the individual transaction values.

  27. What is the due date for filing ITR for F&O and Capital Gains in India? The due date for filing ITR for F&O and Capital Gains in India is generally July 31st for individual taxpayers. However, the due date may be extended by the Income Tax Department in specific circumstances.

  28. Can I carry forward losses from F&O trading and Capital Gains? Yes, you can carry forward losses from F&O trading for up to 8 assessment years. Short-term capital losses can be carried forward for up to 8 assessment years, while long-term capital losses can be carried forward for up to 8 assessment years as well.

  29. What are the penalties for not filing ITR for F&O and Capital Gains in India? If you fail to file your ITR by the due date, you may face penalties ranging from ₹5,000 to ₹10,000, depending on the delay. Additionally, you may lose the opportunity to carry forward your losses, and you may face interest charges on unpaid taxes.

  30. Can I revise my ITR if I made a mistake while filing for F&O and Capital Gains? Yes, you can revise your ITR if you have made a mistake while filing. You must file a revised return within the allowed time frame, which is generally up to one year from the end of the relevant assessment year.

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