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DIR 3 KYC How to avoid Disqualification!


Form DIR 3 KYC (Director’s KYC) Update; How to avoid Penalty and Disqualification!! Filing Compulsory for All DIN holders who got their DIN prior to 31.3.2020, due date 30th September 2020 DIR 3 KYC MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) has amended and inserted a new rule, Rule 12A (Directors KYC) vide the ‘Companies (Appointment and Qualification […]

Registered Valuer for Valuation of Shares

Registered Valuer for Valuation of Shares Are you a start-up looking to get your valuation done or is your company issuing shares under private placement? Your startup/ Business need to get the valuation done by a Registered Valuer for Valuation of Shares how to hold a valid certificate of practice with IBBI under securities and […]

Post incorporation compliance for private limited company

Post incorporation compliance for a private limited company You have successfully completed your company registration  now its time to comply with applicable regulation and the law of the land,  Post incorporation compliance for private limited company cannot be ignored or taken lightly the consequences and the penalties are high In civil jurisprudence, the term used […]

Companies Fresh start scheme 2020 How to save Penalties

Companies Fresh start scheme 2020, How to save penalties! Companies Fresh start scheme 2020 COVID 19 has brought in some major changes to way compliance happen in the country this the best chance to get all the compliance in order The penalty for not Fling of RoC Returns/Annual Returns is running from Rs 100 per […]

Union Budget 2019

Unregulated Deposit Schemes Ordinance 2019

Union Budget 2019 Union Budget 2019 of India, also referred to as the Annual Financial Statement in the article of the constitution of India. The budget was presented on the last working day of February by the Finance Minister of India in the parliament. The budget, which has presented by means of the Finance bill […]

BEN 2 form- SBO(Significant Beneficial Owner)

eForm MSME Form 1 issued by MCA A complete guide

SBO (Significant Beneficial Owner) Introduction SBO BEN 2, Form BEN 2, The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has issued the companies amendment (Significant Beneficial Owner) rule 2019. The new law not only provides a clearer definition for an individual or entity as the significant Business Owner of the company. But also lays down a detailed and elaborate procedure for […]

Director Appointment Procedure

Director Appointment

        Procedure for Appointment of Director Director Appointment as Per Companies Act 2013 Director Appointment also referred to an appointment of a director in private limited company, as per company act 2013, is applicable. in the case where a company is already registered and you are being appointed to the Board Process […]



  CERTIFICATE OF COMMENCEMENT OF BUSINESS Certificate of Commencement of Business is introduced back by Ministry of Corporate Affairs has added a new form Form INC 20A after the company Registration file Form INC 20A form specified to obtain Certificate of Commencement of Business, by declaring that the paid up share capital has been brought […]

E-Form Active INC 22A Geo-Tagging

eForm INC 22A Geo Tagging of Registered office

E-0Form Active INC 22A (Active Company Tagging Identities and Verification )Geo-Tagging of the registered office of the companies E-Form Active INC 22A a new form to file to the verity register office, the form has been issued, start filing to avoid penalties and avoid disqualification and other consequences After the DIR 3 KYC drive for […]

How to Avoid Angel Tax for Start-Ups! Angel Tax Exemption Procedure

Angel Tax Exemption

How to Avoid Angel Tax for Start-Ups! Angel Tax Exemption Procedure How to avoid angel tax for start-ups and how to get Angel tax exemption is the hottest debated topic in start-up circles, the income tax department has been sending notices after notice too many start-ups questioning their valuation as to how the company shares can […]