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DIR 3 KYC How to avoid Disqualification!


Form DIR 3 KYC (Director’s KYC) Update; How to avoid Penalty and Disqualification!! Filing Compulsory for All DIN holders who got their DIN prior to 31.3.2020, due date 30th September 2020 DIR 3 KYC MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) has amended and inserted a new rule, Rule 12A (Directors KYC) vide the ‘Companies (Appointment and Qualification […]

MSME Form 1 issued by MCA A complete guide!

eForm MSME Form 1 issued by MCA A complete guide

eForm MSME 1 Government (MCA) releases a compliance schedule to ensure MSME payments MSME 1, ( eForm MSME Form 1) the new tool to crack on defaults to small companies The government has decided to crack down on companies delaying payments to small businesses by insisting that all defaulting entities mandatory provide it details of […]



  CERTIFICATE OF COMMENCEMENT OF BUSINESS Certificate of Commencement of Business is introduced back by Ministry of Corporate Affairs has added a new form Form INC 20A after the company Registration file Form INC 20A form specified to obtain Certificate of Commencement of Business, by declaring that the paid up share capital has been brought […]

E-Form Active INC 22A Geo-Tagging

eForm INC 22A Geo Tagging of Registered office

E-0Form Active INC 22A (Active Company Tagging Identities and Verification )Geo-Tagging of the registered office of the companies E-Form Active INC 22A a new form to file to the verity register office, the form has been issued, start filing to avoid penalties and avoid disqualification and other consequences After the DIR 3 KYC drive for […]

Director Disqualification Relief Granted by Madras High Court

Director Disqualification Relief by Madras High Court Are you one the director whose DIN was disqualified by MCA, as part of Director Disqualification exercise ? Are you looking for Director Disqualification Relief ? Are you looking for relief form Director disqualification? Are you not able to form a new company registration or get appointed as director in […]

Loan to Directors In Private Limited Company (Amendments)

Loan to Directors In Private Limited Company

Loan to Directors In Private Limited Company (Amendments) Companies are formed by the promoters who intern become the directs understanding Loans to Directors under the companies act is very cirtical Loans to Directors is governed by Section 185 of the Companies Act 2013, which was amended by the Companies ( Amendment ) Act 2017. This […]

RoC Filing changes in disclosures for OPC and small companies

RoC Filing changes

RoC Filing changes in disclosures latest amendments The Ministry of corporate affairs vide CIRCULAR DATE 31ST JULY 2018, has introduced  RoC Filing changes in disclosures latest amendments for Small companies and One person companies in their Boards Report the complete changes are discussed below in detail What is RoC filing ( Annual Filings)? RoC filing is the process of […]


UNDERSTANDING MOA & AOA OF A PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY All entrepreneurs/startups when they registered a new company are bombarded with gorgons like MOA & AOA ( Memorandum of Association & Articles of Association) Lets get into the legalities of the both the terms MEMORANDUM OF ASSOCIATION MOA ( Memorandum ) has been defined under per […]


Companies Amendment Act 2017

COMPANIES AMENDMENT ACT 2017-MCA vide its notification has notified the following sections of Companies Amendment Act 2017. Companies (Management and Administration) Second Amendment Rules, 2018 No Need to File MGT-10 When there is a Change in Promoter’s Holding of 2% Promotors Holding Rule 13 & form MGT-10 shall be and section 93 omitted  ,Pursuant to […]