Company Registration – How to Register a Company in India in 7 days a complete guide

As an entrepreneur, you decided to form and run a company now the first step is deciding the structure of the company and the kick start the process of Company Registration in India. 

Easily Register a Company

Private limited company is the most popular in India due to various advantages such as fundraising, equity dilution, easy FDI (Foreign Direct Investment). Virtual Auditor offers company registration from Rs.9999/-

The company registration process is also referred to as pvt Ltd company registration

Company Registration

Private Limited Company is the best choice for start-up and large companies as its investors preferred the choice of company registration.

Company Registration process is governed by Companies Act 2013 under Company Incorporation Rules 2014 issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs Government of India under the jurisdiction of regional Registrar of Companies

The Cost of Company Registration in India would depend on the number of directors, share capital of the company and State of Registration

Virtual Auditor is experts in registering a private limited company, one person company, Nidhi company, section 8 company, producer company or Indian subsidiary.

The average time taken to complete company formation is about 10 – 15 working days, subject to government processing time and client document submission.

As a per of ease of Doing Business the government of India introduced combined simplified form for obtaining GST Registration and ESI PF registration along with company Registration vide notification issued on 30th March 2019.

Advantages of Company Registration 

Separate legal identity- One of the major benefits that come with company registration is that the company is a separate and distinct legal entity

Limited Liability- The private limited company is a separate legal entity from its members. Thus the liability of the members of a private limited company is limited to the extent of the Share Capital Contributed and subscribed.

Perpetual succession-  One of the major benefits that come with private limited company registration is that the life of the company does not come to an end even with the death of all members and the shares are transmitted to the legal heirs

Ease of formation- Company registration is easy to process compared to other forms of registration is it’s completely online, done through Ministry of Corporate Affairs website

Company Registration Portal of Government of India
Company Registration Portal of Government of India

Easy and free transferability of shares- The shares of a private limited company can easily be transferred, no hassle of redoing the entire partnership deed in case of partnership or reconstitution of LLP dead if it’s an LLP

Property can be owned in Company Name (Company as Owner)- The Company is a separate legal entity that is empowered to acquire, own, enjoy and alienate, property in its own name.

Raising the Foreign Direct Investment- In the private limited company registration, any Non Resident or foreigner national can make the investment through the automatic route i.e. without government approval.


Registering a private limited company in India requires the support of CA/CS/Lawyer as the legal procedures are involved in it, it’s a complicated process but does not worry our team of experts will take care of these issues, these are new procedure applicable from 1st Jan 2019

Step 1: Apply RUN ( Reserve Unique Name Form ) (Name Availability)

Step2: Obtain DSC and Form SPICE INC-32 (E Form used for Company Registration)

Step3: Drafting of MOA in SPICE INC – 33 and AOA In SPICE form company registration

Step4: PAN and TAN Application Along with Form SPICE INC -32 (E Form used for Company Registration)

Step5: After completion of the above-mentioned process of company registration, RoC

Step 6: Issues Certificate of Incorporation, PAN & TAN

Step 7 : Now Apply for GST Registration / ESI PF Registration along with Company Registration

The application for incorporation of a company under rule 38 shall be accompanied by e-form AGILE (lNC 35) containing an application for registration of the following numbers, namely.
(a) GSTIN with effect from 31st  March 2019
 (b) ITPFO with effect from 8th April 2019
 (c) ESIC with effect from 15th April 2019

How to register a business name?

Business name selection is the most important task in the company formation process, the name follows certain guidelines

How to choose a Company Name for Company Registration?

Do you know how many company names get rejected by the Centralized registration center of MCA? and why checking of Company name availability is very important?

Well, more than 70% of the names applied online are rejected by MCA

Before commencing the process of Company Registration, please ensure that you check the Company name in the following link

Check also in trademark registry in the following link

For complete guide on how to choose the company name check click here

Company Registration Name Check Portal
Company Registration Name Check Portal

What are the Documents Required For Company Registration?

Documents Required for Company Registration are listed below

  • Identity and Address Proof of Share Holders and director
    • PAN Card of the Director
    • ID Proof such as aadhar , passport or driving license (Anyone)
    • Latest Bank Statement or telephone bill in the name of the director
  • Registered Office proof
    • Rental Agreement in case the Company Registered office is Rented along with NoC from owner along with EB CARD (Electricity Card)
    • In case of own Property tax receipt is compulsory

Frequently Asked Questions about Company Registration in India

 1. What is authorized capital and paid up capital of the private limited company?
 Ans: Authorised Capital is the maximum capital that the company may have and Paid-up Capital Refers to Capital that is subscribe in Memorandum of Association.
2. How do I start a private limited company?
Registering a company is easy through VirtuAuditor, choose of the type of Company Registration that is 1) Private Limited Company with 2 Directors 2) One Person Company Registration, Company with only one DIrector
and submit the documents mentioned above and get your company registered in 7 working days subject to government approval
3. What is the mandatory requirement to start a private limited company?
  • Company Name after due verification
  • Documents of the Director (PAN , ADDHAR, Bank Statment or Telephone Bill)
  • Registered office proof  mentioned above
4. How long does it take to register a private limited company?

The Processing time for Name approval is 1 to 2 working days under form RUN , a post which it would take around 3 to 4 working days, the total can be done in 7 to 10 working days subject to government approval and documents being provided on time

5. How do NRIs and foreign nationals or foreign entities register a company?
NRI and Foreign Companies can register in India subject to FEMA (Foreign Exchange Management Act) regulations and they need to Comply  with FDI (Foreign Direct Investment ) Norms set from time to time
They can either form 1) Indian Subsidiary as a Subsidiary of Foreign Company 2 ) An independent private limited Company
6 Who can be a director of a company?

Any Person how has crossed the legal age to sign a contract can become a director, that is any person who is 18 Years or old can become a director

7. What is DSC & DIN?

The DSC is a digital signature certificate which is issued by the certifying authority to sign the electronic documents. DIN is a director identification number.

DIN Refers to Director Identification Number which is allocated along with Certificate of Incorporation through SPICe 32 Form.

8. What is the minimum investment required to set up a Private Limited Company in India?

There is no minimum capital requirement a capital can be started with as little as Rs 2 as its share capital

9.What if I don’t have any partner to join as directors? Can I Register my Private Limited Company with my family members?

Yes. You can register your Private Limited Company with your family members there is no restriction on that10. Can we apply for GST Registration along with Company Registration form ?

Yes .The application for incorporation of a company under rule 38 shall be accompanied by e-form AGILE (lNC 35) containing an application for registration of the following numbers, namely.
(a) GSTIN with cffcct from 31st  March, 2019
 (b) ITPFO with effect from 8th April, 2019
 (c) ESIC with effect from 15th April, 2019

How we help with company registration!

In case of any help or assistance for Company registration in India contact Virtual auditor support team on the following Contact numbers

  • +91 91760 44 244 / +91 99622 30 333
  • +91 95 139 39 333
  • 044 48560333 / 080-61935527
  • or mail us [email protected], our team will guide through the entire process and help you comply
Company Registration – How to Register a Company in India in 7 days !!
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