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Private Limited Company is the most prevalent and popular type of corporate legal entity in India. Private limited company registration has governed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Companies Act. And, the Companies Incorporation Rules. To register a private limited company, a minimum of two shareholders and two directors is required. A natural person can be both a director and shareholder, while a corporate legal entity can only be a shareholder. Further, foreign nationals foreign corporate entities or NRIs has allowed being Directors and/or Shareholders of a Company with Foreign Direct Investment and making it the preferred choice of entity for foreign promoters.

What is Private Limited Company

A private limited company is the most common form for business equity in India. It is easy to maintain and to raise funds and also offer limited liability to its members. To register a private limited company, It has a little bit complex, but it has done by the following steps. Before, registering the company, there are basic requirements to be known.

  • There must be at least two members of the company.
  • Here, The company has made for legal business, and must not harm the society.
  • Hence, The objective of the company should not be illegal.
  • And, if the register issue the certificate of incorporation to such business entity, then
  • the certificate will itself be canceled and void by the central government.
  • The appropriate proceeding will take place against the entity and the Registrar.

Private Limited Company Registration 

Private limited company registration starts from Rs 12,000. Therefore, To Register a private limited company, It will take within 5–10 working days.

Limited Liability Partnership

Here, Limited Liability Partnership registration starts from Rs 8,000 (Inclusive of taxes). Therefore, To Register an LLP, it will take within 10-15 working days…

One Person Private Limited Company Registration 

Here, One Person company registration starts from Rs 12,000 (inclusive of taxes). Therefore, To Register an OPC. it will take within 10 – 15 working days…

Foreign Subsidiary

To Register, a branch office or a wholly owned subsidiary in India. Then, It will take within 30–45 days. Registration of wholly owned company starts from Rs 40,000.

Let starts the procedure for Private Limited Company

Before, registering the company there are five steps to be followed

  1. To Obtain DSC
  2. Reserve your company name
  3. Submission of MOA and AOA
  4. Certificate of incorporation
  5. PAN and TAN

1. Obtain DSC

The first and foremost step is to obtain DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) for personnel private limited company. It is issued by the Certifying Authority, and it is valid for 1 or 2 years. Therefore, The personnel involved in company formation are a subscriber and proposed directors of a private limited company. 

Subscriber is a person who is the promoter of the company and proposed shareholder.

Hence, A shareholder has to file MOA and AOA by affixing DSCs, and proposed directors have to obtain DIN by making an online application.

Documents for Digital Signature Certificate

  • Passport and Photograph.
  • Address proof of an applicant.
  • PAN card of the applicant.

After this, the Application name for the private limited company must be applied.

2. Applying name for Private Limited Company

Before, making an incorporation certificate. The proposed name of the company has to reserved for the private limited company. Hence, An application for applying the name has to make in E-form RUN by making payment of requisite fees.

Hence, the registrar enjoys the discretion for the approval of name application.

  1. The name should be easy and memorable.
  2. The company must have a suffix name for the Company
  3. It has to provide a Distinct Identity for the company
  4. The name has to be simple and short
  5. The name of the company must not be similar or identical to other company

As stated above the reservation name must have a maximum of 6 names, out of which the registrar may approve one name or may ask to provide an additional name for remark. Once, you submit your documents along with a checklist, we will proceed with the application of DSC and subsequently name approved. And, we will proceed with the name approval through form “RUN”, as prescribed by MCA, and name approval has received between 1 or 2 days.

3. Submission of MOA and AOA

Once, a name is approved, we will draft MOA (Memorandum of association) and AOA (Articles of association). Here, We will file incorporation of documents with MCA through a form called “SPICe”, along with subscription statement. Hence, The memorandum and Articles of the company has to file in SPICe forms along with the application, for company formation and registration in India. Therefore, The subscription to MoA and AoA has to made by affixing DSCs of subscribers in electronic form. Usually, MCA approves the forms within 2-3 days. once, it has filed and issues the Incorporation Certificate with CIN, and PAN & TAN are allotted along with a side, and You may proceed to open your Company Bank Account.

4. Certificate of incorporation 

After, filing all documents mentioned above Payment of fees is necessary. The certificate of company incorporation has issued, by the registrar of the companies. And, the company becomes legal and separate from its member.
Therefore, The process for registering a private limited is complex and time-consuming. Here, Our team Virtual Auditor can help in startups and Entrepreneurs, to Register Private Limited Company. Here, The details of incorporation and directors of the company have available on MCA portal under, Master data of Private Limited Company. In addition, details and documentation of the company will also be accessible by the public, through the payment of fees prescribed.

5. PAN and TAN Application

Through, this single form SPICe, you have a mandatory form, to apply for PAN and TAN, by using forms 49A for PAN and 49B for TAN.
Therefore, The system will auto-generate these forms, after the submission of SPICe form.


The registration of Private Limited Company in India has to processed by consultation of Practising Professional. Further, the promoters and directors has to maintain the active status of the company by compliance, and, the provisions of the company, by filing the annual returns and forms, as prescribed by Indian Companies.

Company Registration Cost 

Hence, In Company Registration, the cost would depend on the legal entity. And, it would cost ranging up to from Rs. 11,999 to Rs. 19,999 for Private Limited Company Registration. And, LLP company registration will cost up to this range from Rs. 8,999 to Rs.10,999 rupees. And, One person company registration will cost up to the range from Rs.11,999 to Rs. 19,99 rupees.

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