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Valuation India
Valuation India

Virtualauditor -Valuation India is one of the top valuation companies in India. We have been working with a diverse clientele and rendering a range of services referred below

Virtualauditor – Valuation India – OUR BEST SERVICES


Business Valuations

Business valuation is an essential element that facilitates information instrumental in devising business plans and investment strategies.


Tangible Assets Valuations

Tangible assets include real property such as land, building, leases, and personal property such as computers, equipment, machinery, furniture, fixtures, leasehold improvements, etc. It is crucial to value tangible assets for the following business situations.


Intangible Assets Valuations

Intangible assets are critical to the growth and the overall value of a particular business. It is, of course, difficult to determine the value of intangible assets. However, despite the challenges, it is an essential element of every business.

Valuation Under Income Tax

We, at Valuation India, are the best values for income tax, wealth tax and gift tax, capital gains tax, etc.


Valuations Under Ind-AS/IFRS

Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS) are standards that closely converge with IFRS, and which is why a lot of companies across India are moving to Ind-AS. Ind AS is looked at something that will enhance transparency, accuracy, comparability, and increase the global acceptance of various financial reports.


Valuations For Disputes Settlements

At Virtual auditor – Valuation India, we understand how difficult it is to carry out valuations for dispute settlements. Every dispute is distinct, and therefore, it requires a team of experts to deal with legal, administrative and technical complexities involved in every dispute type, and its settlement.

What is valuation India?

Valuation india is a service offered by Virtual auditor which offers business valuation and startup valuation services

The valuation of any asset is the estimation of its value. In simple terms, valuing something means determining how much money someone would pay for it. A business owner may want to know what their company is worth if they were to sell it. An investor might want to know what his stock portfolio is worth. A real estate agent may want to know how much he could get for a house he just listed for sale.


1. Why do we need Valuation india?

A business owner may want to buy out a partner’s share of the company. An investor may want to sell some stocks before the market crashes. A real estate agent might want to list a property at a higher price than the previous listing. A buyer may want to know how high the asking price should go before he buys the home same way it works for startups and companies where the companies need to be valued

2 How does Valuation work?

There are two ways to determine the value of anything: using a comparable method or using a direct method. Both methods use different approaches to estimate the value of the asset.

Comparable Method used by Valuation India Top Valuation firm in India

In the comparable method, the appraiser looks at similar assets and determines the average selling price. He then applies that number to the subject property. If the subject property is less expensive than the average, then the appraiser increases the estimated value. If the subject property costs more than the average, then he decreases the estimated value.

4 Direct Method

In the direct method, the appraiser uses the actual cost of the item to calculate its value. He then compares the result to similar items in order to determine the value of the subject property.

5 Types of Valuations

There are three types of valuations: commercial, residential, and personal. Commercial valuations are done for businesses, while residential valuations are done for homes. Personal valuations are done for things like cars, boats, and jewelry.

6 When Should We Do Valuation?

It is best to perform valuations after the purchase of the asset. This gives you time to find comparable sales and make sure the appraisal is accurate. You don’t want to overpay for something that is not worth as much as you think it is.


Virtualauditor is a Top Valuation firm in India is one the top most ranked valuation firms India as per report in Top 10 Best Valuation Firms In India In 2022





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