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Documents required for Company Registration

Documents Required for company registration

Documents Required For Company Registration  What are the documents required for company registration? The following documents are required for  Private Limited Company Registration through SPICe (INC-32) from all directors/shareholders A)  Where all director and subscriber are Indian Nationals FORM INC 9 An Affidavit on a Stamp Paper stating that the directors are not disqualified and […]

中国公司在印度的投资解决方案 国的外国人如何在印度创办和注册公司 ( Chinese Version)

Registration of Foreign Companies in India Step by Step Guide

中国公司在印度的投资解决方案 国的外国人如何在印度创办和注册公司 ( Company Registration in India for Chinese nationals and Chinese Companies) 来自印度的投资者在印度迅速和出色的组合设置 中国,台湾和香港,我们经验丰富且经验丰富的特许会计师事务所(CA)提供以下广泛的支持服务,以及专家建议 过了 1)允许印度的外国直接投资入境结构, 2)投资者类别, 3)最方便的入口结构的选择和企业的位置 4)符合外商直接投资的政策,规章和打点,印度证券交易委员会的规定, FEMA等。 5)完全支持获取以下文件 数字签名 证书(DSC); 主任识别号码(DIN); 备忘录 (MOA); 公司章程(AOA); 永久帐号(PAN); 税收减免申请号(TAN); 银行A / C开放等; 中国公司在印度的投资解决方案 希望在中国设立印度公司和投资者的中国公司可以随时联系我们:手机 +91 9962 287 333或 + 91 9962 230 333或 +91 9962 260 333  / 044 48560333只需发送电子邮件 于:[email protected]  来自中国的外国人可以在印度开办和注册公司(外国公民/外国公司可以通过下面提到的任何进入战略在印度组建公司(印度子公司注册) 作为印度公司(印度子公司) 1.全资子公司(100%印度子公司) 2.如果不允许100%的外国直接投资,与其他印度公司合资 […]

Company Registration Process

Company Registration Process

Company Registration Process Company Registration Process, Registering as a Private limited (Pvt Ltd Registration)  is the first step corporate journey, it is a structure where your liability in case of a loss, is limited to capital invested, this benefit is not available in a proprietary business where you have unlimited liability Company Registration in India […]


CHANGES IN FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT: FDI REPORTING ( FC-GPR) Have foreign investment, do you need to allot shares to NRI/ Foreign shareholders? Understand about the changes in FDI reporting Initially, the filing of forms ARF ( Advanced Reporting forms)  & FC GPR (Reporting of allotment of shares) used to file manually forms used for filing under FDI […]


DUE DATE FOR FILING ANNUAL ACCOUNTS AND ANNUAL RETURNS   For One Person Company  (ROC FILINGS) FILING ANNUAL ACCOUNTS AND ANNUAL RETURNS A One Person Company shall file its financial statements duly adopted by its member, within one hundred eighty days from the closure of the financial year.   For Private Ltd Companies ANNUAL RETURNS ( ROC […]

Check Company Name Availability – MCA &; Trademark Check – Virtual Auditor

Check Company name avalibility

HOW TO CHECK COMPANY NAME AVAILABILITY FOR COMPANY REGISTRATION A STEP BY STEP GUIDE Do you know how many company names get rejected by Centralized registration center of MCA? and why checking of Company name availability is very important? Well, more than 70% of the names applied online are rejected by MCA Given the track record […]