According to the Company Act, the shareholders of the company have the right to remove the director from the given organization before the expiry of his or her tenure.

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Add new partner in an LLP

An LLP serves to be a legal entity that stands liable for the total extent of the given assets. However, the liability of the partners tends Once you have completed the process of online LLP registration, there is the requirement of adding new partners in the given LLP. The process for adding new partners in the LLP are required to be followed as per the Section 7 –belonging to the LLP Act of 2008. The current partner is expected to provide consent in proper writing along with the forms 4 and 3 and the required attachments. The entire process of adding a new partner to the given LLP might take up to around 4-7 working days in order to get completed. There are several reasons why you wish to add a new partner to the given LLP. These are:

• Expansion of the LLP business

• Investing capital in the LLP business

• In case of an LLP business that is family-run

• Mutual consent amongst the partners

• Changing in the roles or responsibilities in the given LLP

• Existing partner retiring

Who Can Become New LLP Partners?

There are some criteria for becoming a new partner in an existing LLP. These are:

• It should be an LLP that has been incorporated under the LLP Act of 2008

• A company that has been incorporated in the country

• An individual until other partner is disqualified

Adding the New Partner to Your LLP

When you wish to add a new partner to the LLP, it is expected that the new partner should apply initially for the Digital Signature Certificate along with the Partner Director ID Number. Moreover, the existing partners should also provide their consent in writing for the process. Moreover, the firm is expected to prepare a proper document for adding a new partner. The steps to be followed are:

Step 1: Passing Resolution for Partner’s Admission

After conducting a proper meeting with the partner, it is expected to pass the given resolution. Few important points to keep in mind while designing the passing resolution for the addition of a new partner should include:

• Executing resolution on LLP’s letter head

• Resolution of the expected signature of the current partners and the all-new authorized partner

• Providing details into the subject matter

• Affixing LLP’s stamp

Step 2: Executing Amendment to LLP Agreement

The given agreement should contain information about the capital, duties, roles, and others of the partner.

Step 3: Filing Forms 4 and 3 for Changing Partners in the Given LLP

The respective forms of LLP are needed to be duly signed by the utilization of DSC of the existing partner.