Class 3 Digital Signature Online

A digital signature is provided in the USB form, which will be delivered to your doorstep once you completed all relevant processes. The USB device is known as an e-token and must be used for all official purposes. The Cost of Class 3 DSC would be approx. Rs 1,799 to ranged unto Rs 5400

Starting at Rs.1,799/-
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How To apply for Class 3 Digital Signature?

Instantly apply for digital signature class 2 digital signature online through Virtual Auditor. Pay after approval of the application. Get same-day service in most cities in India.

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Documents Required For Class 3 Digital Signature

  • A mobile number, which has been linked to an Aadhar number
  • GST Certificate
  • PAN Card
  • Address Proof
  • ID Proof

All You Need to Know About Class 3 digital signature


India has seen a huge surge in the number of online transactions in recent years. Organizations and companies are accepting and sending payments online. A Class 3 digital signature online can help organizations and companies that place e-tenders since it allows them to handle such transactions with increased efficiency. e-tenders can make it highly convenient for companies or organizations to carry out their online transactions – something that shouldn’t be ignored. Secured online transactions via Class 3 digital signatures can put your mind to ease and enhance the team’s productivity to unprecedented heights, thus allowing them to focus on advancing the company’s interests, instead of being worried about their Internet-based transactions.  

What Is A Digital Signature Certificate?

  Digital signature certificates play a key role in bringing transparency and convenience to the transaction. It can also erase the receiving party’s worries since they aren’t concerned about safety issues with their online transactions. The team can be asked to focus on other organizational goals instead of having to spend time patching up security and identification issues. Once the DSC certificate has been generated, it can serve to reassure receiving parties in a transaction that they are dealing with a legitimate entity. You can enjoy numerous advantages by obtaining a Class 3 Digital signature certificate. It serves to ensure that your identity is not stolen or misused by other unscrupulous elements. It ensures that no other party can hijack and steal transaction-related information. It has become a crucial element for most government-related transactions.


Why Should You Get A Class 3 Digital Signature?

  When you register yourself as a vendor or contractor with a government department, either on the Central or the State level, you will need to be registered on the E-procurement site as well. This will grant you access to participate in the tenders. For registering on this website, you will require a Class 3 Digital Signature – this is a mandatory requirement. You will be capable of placing tenders only when you sign it digitally using Class 3 Digital Signature since that verifies your identity to the government agency. To put it simply, digital signatures are merely your signatures in a digitized format.

Process of Generating a Class 3 Digital Signature

Class 3 Digital Signatures are generated after utilizing Class 3 Digital Signature Certificates. They are issued by Certifying Authorities or CA only after the user’s identity has been thoroughly verified with all relevant checks. It provides the other party in the transaction that the person or organization is indeed who or what it claims to be. Personal appearance and verification before the CAs are mandatory for obtaining a Class 3 DSC in India.    

What Should I Do After I Receive My Class 3 Digital Signature?

You’ll need to commence installation and configuration processes on your PC. Unless you install & configure it properly, you won’t be able to use the signature for your official purposes.

Advantages of Class 3 Digital Signature

  There are a number of benefits to be gained with Class 3 DSC. You can start sending applications for government tenders via the Internet. You will be issued acknowledgments and receipts in a swift manner since you will be able to upload documents to central websites in a swift manner. You can also avoid a number of limitations that are commonly linked to offline procurement. There’s no need to be worried about geographical-related delays and limitations as well. The streamlining, integrating, and facilitating processes become easier with e-procurement. This arrangement happens to be backed by IT act provisions, thus giving it an understandable and legal backbone. A digital signature Class 3 online can provide you digital signatures that work well for e-tendering purposes, regardless of the actual reason you’ve acquired it for.  

What Does A Digital Signature Certificate Do?

  Digital signature certificates can be used for validation purposes. Apart from that, they provide transaction security as well, which can help you conduct online deals safely. It ensures that unauthorized organizations or people are unable to access information related to online transactions. The digital certificate can help you protect the transaction details from unscrupulous elements.   Only organizations or businesses with Q digital signature certificates are allowed to access the encrypted information. Basically, only the one who possesses the necessary digital signature certificate is capable of accessing the transaction details. You can also enhance your organization’s reputation and image by using digital signature certificates, which ensure that your information hasn’t been leaked during the transaction. Your identity in the transaction is also confirmed.


A Class 3 Digital Signature happens to be an upgraded version of the Class 2 Certificate. It is used for encryption and virtual signing purposes
There is no limit to the number of digital signatures an individual can have. Submit the corresponding number of DSC forms and you will be issued the digital signatures as well.
It is possible to obtain Class 3 Digital Signatures within a period of two working days. All you have to do is buy it online and it will be delivered to your doorstep.
A Class 3 Digital signature can be used for a number of different purposes. You may use it while filing income tax or GST and company registration
A Class 3 Digital Signature is priced at ₹3599 and comes with a validity period of 2 years and a USB token as well.