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FSSAI Full-Form Stands for Food Safety and Standards of India (FSSAI) which is an independent body developed under the Indian Government’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Definition of FSSAI

FSSAI is a body in charge of licensing food organizations throughout India. FSSAI is responsible for guaranteeing that these food organizations are operating under the proper accreditation and quality check. They are also expected to adhere to the laid down guidelines provided by FSSAI. The responsibility of FSSAI is to create the standards, controls and principles for the general wellbeing of food organizations throughout India. FSSAI REGISTRATION PROCESS (FOOD LICENSE)

FSSAI Full-Form Stands for Food Safety and Standards of India (FSSAI) which is an independent body developed under the Indian Government’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. FSSAI was created with respect to the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 which is a combined regulation that is related to food welfare and policies in India. This is a body that controls and regulates the food business throughout India. The function of the FSSAI License is to promote and protect public health through the control and monitoring of food safety. FSSAI Registration or FSSAI License is compulsory for any food business startup. The FSSAI Registration is mandatory for all organizations related to food such as producers, restaurants, small scale eateries, traders, grocery shop, retailers, food processors, dairy farms, E-tailers that are having any food-related dealings should get the 14 digit registration number or a food licensing number that must be visible on all food packages or in the business premises. The 14 digit license number from FSSAI provides information on the permit of the producer or subtle elements, as well as packaging condition


Consultation and documentation

Complete the basic FSSAI registration on our website and meet with our experts to provide the required documents online via WhatsApp or email. Filing and approval of the application

FSSAI applications will be filed with authorities in the government, settle issues and ensure you get an approval for your FSSAI application from the government. Food Licensing and Delivery

A digital and offline copy of your FSSAI license will be sent to your provided address.

Note: For State and Central FSSAI License, it will take between 45 and 50 days for approval and delivery.

FSSAI Registration Fees

According to the Food Safety and Standards (Licensing and Food Business Registration) Regulations, 2011, the policies were established with reference to the structure of fees for the Food Business Providers.

All Food businesses in India must complete their FSSAI registration as any food organization will be penalized if this is not done.

The FSSAI registration fee is structured into government cost and expert costs. Government costs that are charged officially by the government for handling the application while expert costs are charged by an expert for setting up your application.

1. Normal License Fee for FSSAI

Annual turnover that is less than 12 Lakhs--Rs.100/- per annum 2. Charges for State FSSAI License

Annual turnover that is more than 12 Lakhs, and lower than 20 Crores – Rs.2000/- or Rs.5000/- per annum. 3. Charges for Federal FSSAI License

Annual turnover exceeding 20 Crores – Rs.7500 per annum.


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FSSAI License Application


Day1 to Day 60
Payment, structuring and upload of document.
Our staff will reach out to you to assist you in structuring and documentation.

Necessary steps you should take:

Complete the registration form on our website and select the years that will be covered by the license, which will then require you to make payment. After your payment has been successful, the section for uploading documents will become visible to the customer. We will make provision for food license consultation and form completion without any charges.

Required documents for FSSAI Registration Normal FSSAI Registration

•Passport photograph
•Proof of identification
Central and State License FSSAI Registration
• Passport photograph
• Outline of categories of food
• Blueprint layout plan
• Proof of Photo identification
• Proof of address
• Outline of equipment
• NOC from municipality
• Certificate of incorporation
• Outline of all partners and directors
• MOA and AOA
• Import and Export code
• Water Test Report

Procedure for FSSAI Registration

FSSAI Registration can be done online, although you may require the services of an expert for setting up your application. Below is the required procedure for applying for FSSAI
1. The FSSAI Registration begins initially by providing Form A to the food welfare and Security office.
2. Within seven days from application, it can either be approved or dismissed by the Department, which will be notified to the candidate via hard copy.
3. If the application is approved, an authentication for registration will be permitted alongside an enrollment number and the candidate’s photograph will be permitted.

The Benefits of getting the FSSAI License

There are several benefits to food organizations.
• Develops awareness for customers.
• The FSSAI logo can also be used to provide reliability among customers.
• Establishes principles based on science.
• Controls the packaging, production, import, storage, and sale of food items.
• To promote the safety of food.
• The safety is maintained by the sector of research and development.
• Fresh policies have been introduced that can collaborate with international organizations.
• Establish evidence research for developing guidelines.
• It offers a high possibility of expanding your business.
Establishing procedures and guidelines for informing certified laboratories according to ISO17025 for the quality check which is also the responsibility of FSSAI. Types of FSSAI License
The scale of operation performed by the food organization is used to differentiate the three types of licenses. Comprehensive details on the three license types is provided below.

Normal FSSAI Registration

For food organizations with an annual turnover that is less than 12 Lakhs, a normal FSSAI registration is needed for food licensing. For new businesses that are not certain about the annual turnover, basic registration is also performed which can then be updated in the future to state licensing once the annual turnover exceeds 12 Lakhs. Dairy farms with about 50000-liter capacity every day or having a 100kg daily rate of production, a basic FSSAI registration is required which incorporates several business types such as tea stalls, small pan shops, little warehouses, canteen, home-based food operators, food processors and mid-day meal operators. The minimum timeframe of the license is 1-year, while the maximum is 5 years.

State FSSAI License

For businesses with an annual turnover that is above 12 Lakhs, but lower than RS 20 cores, the state FSSAI license is needed.
Productions entities with a capacity of about 2 MT every day. Dairy farms producing about 50000 liters every day. Three-star hotels or higher, relabeling and repackaging units, canteens, clubs as well as all catering organizations, regardless of the turnover must opt for the state license application. The maximum time-frame to be covered in this license is 5 years while the minimum is 1 year.

Central FSSAI License

For businesses with an annual turnover that exceeds Rs 20 crores, the central FSSAI License is needed.
Any business that is not found under the sections described above should also opt for the Central License, probably you have an organization with multiple branches throughout the country, the central license should be obtained at your registered address, but you can opt for either the basic, state or central license based on the turnover from each outlet. The minimum time-frame covered is 1-year, while the maximum is 5 years.


The FSSAI demands documents for the Food license, which depends on the type of registration needed. Such as the basic registration form A or the Food License Form B. Whether you need the form A or Form B depends on your annual turnover. FSSAI Registration Form A
Basic FSSAI Registration Form A requires documentation when the FBO has a yearly turnover that is below 12 Lakhs.

FSSAI Registration Form B

State FSSAI License Form B should apply once the turnover of the food business is under 20 Crores and whose territory of activity is only restricted to the state. It is issued by the State Government. The Central FSSAI License Form B is required once the annual turnover of the food firm is more than 20 Crores. It is issued by the Central Government of India.


The validity of the FSSAI license extends from 1 to 5 years and it depends on the number of years, which is selected by the Administrator of nourishment. The cost of the license depends on the number of years, which he has associated. As per the FSSAI rules, the nourishment business administrator must submit an application for renewing the license in 30 days and it ought to be performed before it expires. Any FSSAI Renewal Application documented past the expiry date is exposed to an additional fee of Rs.100 for each deferred day.

Renewal of FSSAI

In India, FSSAI enrollment or Food License is crucial for every food organization prior to launching the food business. It is also important to renew the FSSAI License within the time-frame or before it lapses.
The food permit enables the food business administrator a 1-year validity or as long as 5-years. FSSAI enlistment charges change according to the residency of the FSSAI License. According to the FSSAI rules, every food business administrator needs to apply for FSSAI renewal 30 days before the expiry of the present food permit.
Punishment on FSSAI License Renewal: If the application for the FSSAI License (State and Central) renewal isn't submitted within the specified time, at that point Rs. 100 every day would be fined for FSSAI Licenses.

Punishment on FSSAI Registration Renewal

If Renewal of Food enrollment isn't done inside of the specified time, then it will be regarded as a breach and another permit would be applied by the nourishment business administrator to proceed with the business.
The License, or FSSAI enrollment will continue to be effective until the specified time organized on the FSSAI renewal application is passed and have to make payment 30 days from the expiry date of the FSSAI permit.

Points to consider when processing FSSAI Renewal

The food permit released to the FBO will be added to the recycle bin within 120 days from the expiry date which implies that FBOs are required to submit an application for renewal once their license is reflected in the recycle bin.
FBOs will be penalized R100 every day for any occurrence of delays.
A punishment is the result of the non-renewal of the FSSAI license.
The time-frame for the renewal also extends within 1 to 5 years. The charges of renewal also depend on the length of the time-frame.
The Definition of the Food and Safety Department or Registration
FSSAI has introduced an online method of application known as the Food Licensing and Registration System (FLRS) to create an opportunity for business visionaries to submit application for obtaining the FSSAI permit online. Five Regional offices of the FSSAI utilized by the Food Licensing and Registration System in New Delhi for the Northern Region, Guwahati for the North Eastern Region, Kolkata for the Eastern Region, Kerala for the Southern Region and in Chennai, as well as Mumbai for the Western Region. Licenses are issued to Food Business Operators (FBO )and enrollment checks carried out by FLRS are performed to confirm the quality of the business that is related to food on their business category and the type of process recognized with the business.

Pricing Description of FSSAI

Normal Registration
Rs. 3000+
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Package Includes:
• Expert Consultation
• Document Preparation
• Application
• Followup With Authorities
• Delivery of Certificate
• Renewal Consultation

Procedure for FSSAI License Number

You can reveal the FSSAI logo and license number on the package of the food in a color contrasted with the background.
For multiple units (producer/packager/marketer/re-labeller), the FSSAI license number and logo of the brand owner can be shown on the label for the packaging of the food. The addresses of several units of the label should also contain the FSSAI license number.
For foods that are imported, the imported should also show the FSSAI license number or logo together with the address and name of the importer.
It can be affixed with the use of a sticker or pre-printed on the label prior to customs clearance.
The height of the numerals and letters of the license number must be indicated in the 2.3.3 of the Food Safety and Standards (Packaging and Labeling) Regulation, 2011.
The Policies of 2.6.1 of Food Safety and Standards (Packaging and Labeling) Regulations, 2011 should be applied to revealing the FSSAI logo and license number.
The presentation of the FSSAI logo on the food label does not certify it but indicates that a valid permit is held by the FBO according to the Foods Safety and Standards Act, 2006.

Who requires the Food License?

The Food license is required by every food business operator carrying out food businesses, according to the Food Safety and Standards Act.

Who needs the FSSAI License?

• Dairy units
• The vegetable oil processing unit
• Slaughtering units
•Meat processing unit
• Every food processing unit including relabelled and re-packers
• Storage (Except controlled atmosphere)
• Storage (Cold/ Refrigerated)
• Storage (Controlled & cold)
• Wholesaler
• Retailer
• Distributor • Supplier
• Dhaba, Food catering
• Club/ Canteen
• Hotel
• Restaurant
• Transporter
• Marketer

Importance of registering for the FSSAI License

The FSAI has made it mandatory for every category of food business operators in order to get the FSSAI permit to carry out a business in India. The 14 digit FSSAI License number must be obtained by every food business operators which would be labeled on the food packages. To limit food adulteration and fake products, this license has been made mandatory by FSSAI. FSSAI evaluates food permits and of food business operators on an irregular basis and perform stringent actions against businesses with expired licenses or don’t even have the FSSAI license. A high level of consumer confidence exists in food security and quality. It facilitates the improvement of food items. It eliminates several policies. It promotes trading on a bigger scale without compromising the safety of consumers. Identify the type of FSSAI Registration
According to FSSAI, registration is compulsory for all food business operators (FSSAI considers them as FBO).
FSSAI registration is made up of three categories which are the Basic, State and Central license.
The qualification for each of the licenses is based on two elements which are the turnover for service organizations and production capacity for the production or processing industry. All FBOs have been combined by FSSAI into the following categories which are Dairy and Dairy Processing, Food producer in charge of producing and sale of food items such as biscuits and already made products., processing items like dry fruit, pickle, will be among this category, in India, a retailer is any store or retail outlet which is also similar to a distributor and wholesaler, as well as the transporting medium for the food to obtain the food license. Stores and warehouses also require food registration and license. Typically, it is required by all individuals or business entities that carry out any food from the farm to the plate requires to obtain the food license.
FSSAI Basic registration includes almost 80 to 85% of all Indian food operators. The requirements for FSSAI basic registration are for businesses with an annual turnover that is below 12 Lakhs or dairy farms with a capacity that is 500 liters every day or a daily production that is below 100kg every day can obtain FSSAI basic license, which covers tea stalls, small warehouses, food operators based at home, and mid-day meal operators as well as food processors.
The second necessary license type is the FSSAI State License, which is required for businesses that have an annual turnover above 12 Lakhs and below 20 Crores which makes up of all business operators and production units that deliver about 2 MT every day, Dairy units that produce about 50000 liters daily, 3-star hotels and higher, relabelling units, re-packers, clubs canteens, and every catering establishment regardless of their turnover must obtain the State license.
A certificate must also be generated in a situation where you are in the service industry where the license will be kept on the premises. For processing and production industries, the license digit must be pre-printed on the label of the food item.
For businesses that are covered by the two categories indicated above should then opt for the Central License. The Central license is compulsory for all importers and exporters, also for business with several branches throughout the nation, the central license is required to be registered with the provided address and the turnover of each branch will determine the license that will be obtained, whether, basic, state or central.
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