Trademark Opposition

File a trademark opposition online for any trademark application which is published in the Trademark Journal. Opposition must be filed with 3 months

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How To Respond To For Trademark Opposition?

When your Trademark is objected. If you can respond to the obejction within time,you can get it registered.

Objection Letter
name of company
File Documents
moa and aoa
Attend Interview

Trademark Registration Procedure Explained

  • Better Recognition & Reach in the Market
The registration of a Trademark establishes easy reach to the people being unique in its nature and has a branding to it. With a registered Trademark, the customers will be able to easily identify the product / business based on such trademark.
  • Legal Protection at Minimal Cost
Any infringement of a registered trademark can be sued by the person/entity owning such trademark.
  • Use of Symbol ®
An entity having a registered trademark can use such trademark for a period of 10 years with the symbol ® next to it. In case it is applied for but not yet registered the symbol ™ can be used.

Trademark Classes

The trademark is categorized into 45 classes comprising the list of goods and services it falls under. The first 34 classes indicate the goods classification and the remaining 11 classes indicate the classification of services. When applying for a trademark, class must be selected as applicable to the business.

How To Avoid Trademark Application Rejection

The Trademark is not similar to an existing Trademark

The Trademark is not a well known or generic

The Trademark is not deceptive or misleading people

The Trademark contains bad or offensive words

The Trademark contains words like Government or President or other well-known personalities